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About Us

Office BuildingWhat about us? We, the team at Never Forgotten Memorials, have worked many years in the burial industry and we have devoted our lives to paying respect to our deceased loved ones. Through the years, Never Forgotten Memorials has seen the need for delivering a unique product, as a service to those who choose to honor their loved ones on various occasions. We offer many ways for this service to be provided.

Never Forgotten Memorials was conceived 30 years ago upon seeing the need to deliver a service that memorializes your loved ones year-round. It is a service that is delivered directly to the grave site. We offer many different floral arrangements all made from hi-grade materials for a lasting display. After laying your loved ones to rest memorializing them is a great way of staying connected to your memories. Over the years, Never Forgotten Memorials has encountered individuals riding around for long periods of time unable to find or remember where their love one’s grave site are. We have a solution for that problem, “sight markers”. We also offer a plot maintenance program for those that choose to have their loved one’s grave site groomed continuously. We start with soil testing, to assure a proper Ph soil level for healthy growth. Lime is applied once annually, as needed, to promote growth. Plant beds will be monitored for weeds and debris as well as plant material will be fertilized once annually. We choose plants that bloom most of the growing year. People will compliment you on how well you are maintaining your loved one’s grave. Our plan comes with satisfaction guaranteed! We also offer precious souvenir pictures, these are porcelain pictures to be placed on headstones. Many people have lived and worked in the same community for years and are buried in the same community. We know them by face and not by name, so the picture allows them to be memorialized by those who knew them well. We are a company that has devoted time in the profession to honor and pay respect to our deceased loved ones.

Never Forgotten Memorials is located in Central North Carolina which serves as a great location to offer service to all the regions that we serve. As our business continues to grow through referrals made by our many satisfied customers, we will continue to strive toward excellence in our performance and our service.

We sincerely thank you our customer, for your continued business and your referrals.