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1. When should you buy death insurance?
     a. When a child is born or as soon thereafter.

2. How much insurance should you purchase?
     a. One and half times the burial market rate of today.

3. What is the price of a decent burial today?
     a. The price of a decent burial is $6,500.00 with all things considered.

4. What is the price of a viewing and cremation?
     a. $2,500.00

5. Should you know your loved one’s burial preferences?
     a. Yes. If you know arrangements are going to be made, you need to find out and what is needed and have that discussion.

6. Should research be done on prices and the type of arrangements funeral homes offer?
     a. Yes. You should be familiar with who does what and for how much.

7. Should you take insurance policies and papers to funeral home at the time of death?
     a. No. Only after all prices and arrangements are final do you share the manner of payment.

8. Are prices negotiable?
     a. Yes. Funeral homes would rather adjust prices than loose a customer.

9. Is there any way money can be saved on a funeral?
     a. Yes. Caskets can be purchased for less. Savings can also be had by not using funeral cars.

Most people do not choose to talk about funerals until they are dealing with a death. The average person will have to deal with funeral arrangements at least four times in their life time. The more you know in advance gives you leverage and comfort when it comes to burying a loved one.

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